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Welcome to Urban Organics.

We hand make little bites of organic delight - small batches of raw and baked treats for health conscious people. Our range includes raw chocolate, paleo bites, macaroons, balls / rolls, cakes and slices.

Our range includes gluten free, dairy free, preservative free and refined sugar free products.

Urban Organics is hibernation and will reopen in spring. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for information about our reopening plans, and don't forget to Follow Us for updates on new products and product photos!

About Us: 

Urban Organics: Real food for real people. Real food made by real people. That’s what we are about!

We are two sisters from South Auckland with a lifelong passion for locally grown food, sustainable lifestyles and community. We are foodies, organic gardeners and hippies at heart. Frustrated by the lack of healthy food options and the soaring rates of obesity in our neighbourhood, we decided that something had to change. Urban Organics was born.

Urban Organics offers you health conscious snacks and treats, raw and fermented foods, preserves, and healthy alternatives to traditional bakery goods. Our range includes vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free products.

No, you won’t find mass produced fake “foods” here! All Urban Organics products are handcrafted for you with love and care. We are preservative and chemical additive free. Where possible we use certified organic ingredients, and organic and spray free local produce.

We hope you will like our little bites of organic delight.

From our kitchen to yours with love,

Steph and Marnie